I am much more organised this year and I have started to prepare my very modest space to make the most of it ready for the spring. I have removed the shelving from the greenhouse and built large wooden boxes instead. This will allow the plant roots much more room to expand than the grow bags of last year were able to provide.

I have already planted a good few seeds and they appeared through the soil in just 5 days, hopefully a sign of things to come! This is what I have planted so far…

Tomato (Cedrico, Big Zac, Shirley, Ailsa Craig) Onion (Ailsae, Ailsa Craig) Chilli (Jolokia, Apache)

The onions will be part of my bid to improve on last year’s giant onion attempt, my measly 800g Ailsa Craig. Follow the attempt here.

In the picture, you can see the newly built boxes ready to be filled with soil. The near left hand corner will be filled with the hydroponic kit again soon. The box with the soil already in has held extra strawberry runners from last years plants over the winter along with the ones in the pots. The advocado tree in the background has just about survived the cold (I think)!